About Pacific Treatment Services

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Understanding Drug Abuse and Addiction

Pacific Treatment Services is a substance abuse and behavioral counseling company specializing in working with teens and young adults in the San Diego area since 1995. We are committed to changing the lives of those in crises. Working with several San Diego school districts, courts, and residential programs, Pacific Treatment Services offers a variety of different ways to meet the needs of the community. Our goal is the care of your loved ones. When deciding what program or counseling service to use, we encourage you to attend one of our weekly groups to see why we are the best.

Teens and Young Adults

Recovery for teens and young adults requires a different approach from that of traditional recovery for older individuals. Young people benefit from support, structure, identifying negative behaviors and the influence of a positive peer group. At Pacific Treatment Services, we help teens and young adults identify negative behaviors that fuel alcohol and substance abuse. Our Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to provide educational prevention treatment for adolescents 12-19 years old with alcohol and/or substance abuse problems. Coupled with family therapy and chemical dependency education, we help restore a healthy family dynamic.


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