Bring Your Teen Back From The Brink

Are You Ready to Counsel Your Teen?

So who has to initiate the fight against these influences, providing the first round of “drug counseling” to teens? Who has to discover the problem and lay down first-time consequences as a result? Who is the first to try to educate teens on the dangers of drugs and persuade them to stop? It’s parents like you. Yet you are probably uneducated and unprepared to deal with it. You come from an emotional, loving standpoint that serves many aspects of parenting well, but can lead to enabling and failure in your role as teen drug counselor.

Teens in every community are exposed to alcohol and drugs – ever more powerful drugs – at younger and younger ages. No neighborhood, school, or income level is immune. Today’s media not only glorifies the party lifestyle, but provides an endless source of information about how to obtain, use, and mask the use of drugs.

Arming you to fight against those forces, this book will serve as your handbook for dealing with teen drug use. It will provide you with a step-by-step plan of action in what surely is one of the most important and challenging tasks in the life of any parent. You will learn how to avoid emotional pitfalls, identify the behavior of teen drug users, find factual information on drugs, get tough, and begin the process of saving your teen.

New in this second edition is more information about prevention, especially from a Christian perspective. How can we get teens to think more deeply about the choices they make? Beyond “drugs are bad,” parents and communities need to appeal to the inner sense of right and wrong that we all have within us.

Church youth groups can be a welcoming place to provide the moral compass that the teen mind craves at a critical stage in their development. It is your teen’s own, short-term thinking that typically results in experimentation and use of drugs and alcohol. Instead, help them look to a higher and stronger power, outside their own reasoning, to provide long-term insight that can guide them to a more healthy and productive path.

Of course, should drug use progress, you must turn the process over to professionals. This book will also guide you in how to assess your situation, gauge the level of your teen’s problem, and find the best professional help when you need it.

One more key benefit of this book is the Stories from Parents Like You and Stories from Those in Recovery. These firsthand testimonials will help you avoid the mistakes of others and cut short the road to recovery.

Begin restoring health, wisdom, and peace to your family today.


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Reader Reviews

Review #1

“This book succeeds in outlining the effective elements necessary to help loved ones deal with teen alcohol and drug issues. You’ll learn the associated games, manipulations, feelings, and behaviors of users and helpful ways to respond without enabling. The authors integrate stories from young people and parents that make this an informative as well as interesting read. Highly recommended!” 

Charlie Hart, B.A., M.S. Chemical Dependency Therapist

Review #2

“Will Wooton, CADC, has established himself as one of the top clinicians treating Adolescent Chemical Dependency in southern California over the last decade. Now he has written a book that establishes him as one of the top authors. Bring Your Teen Back From The Brink is a comprehensive yet concise work that very clearly outlines how to approach our teenaged children and drug/alcohol use. Parents, therapists, and doctors need to have this book in their library.”

Robert Bradley Sanders D.O. Board Certified Psychiatrist


Review #3

“Even terrific parents can have troubled teens! Will Wooton’s insightful book will give you expert advice and effective strategies to help you, your teenager and family cope with troubled times. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol or behavior problems, this book provides tactics to implement good, solid changes that can save your kid’s life! Use Will Wooton’s professional guidance, methodology and information to strengthen the impact of counseling or a program for you and your teen. I recommend this book highly; it has worked in my family!”

Dina Feldman-Scarr Attorney at Law