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Alcohol and Drug Detoxification


Alcohol_and_Drug_Detox Pacific Treatment Services is up to date concerning the safest and effective detox treatment centers within the United States. You may use us as a resource that can help you find the best possible plan of action for helping your loved one find the right alcohol or drug detox center. Detox typically needs to be at the forefront of your loved one’s treatment whether they have issues with alcohol, heroin, ecstasy, oxycontin, xanax, methamphetamines, adderall or any other controlled substances. Detox is merely a part of the recovery process and should never be constituted as a successful form of treatment. Rehabilitation and aftercare centers are strongly suggested as treatment plans only after detox has been completed.

Those who abuse drugs and alcohol often times develop a dependency on them over time. This typically results in the individual having exposure to withdrawal symptoms if they attempt to moderate or completely arrest their use of drugs or alcohol. These symptoms can range anywhere from being completely lethal to merely being mentally uncomfortable depending on the length and severity of the drug use.

What is detoxification?

Alcohol and drug detoxification is the process of medically supervised removal of all toxic substances from the body. It is by no means a cure for alcoholism or drug addiction, but the beginning stage of the recovery process. Typically it will allow an individual to get past the physical withdrawal symptoms in a controlled environment so that they may begin their journey in recovery. It is very important that some form of treatment is found immediately following detoxification that will address all of the issues behind the addiction.

Alcohol detoxification

Alcohol addiction is one of the few addictions where withdrawal can be serious enough to cause lethal harm to the individual, therefore making alcohol detoxification a very serious matter. It should absolutely never be performed alone and always facilitated by medical professionals. It is important that any individual wishing to seek out assistance with their addiction find the assistance of an alcohol detoxification professional.

Drug detoxification

Drug dependency, addiction and abuse are all ultimately treatable, yet without professional help, the ultimate consequence can be death. This can all be avoided with drug detoxification, which will help alleviate the symptoms and pain associated with attempting to stop or reduce drug use. Detox oftentimes needs to be looked after by medical staff and may be successful without the use of additional medication depending on the severity.

Medical detoxification and non-medical detoxification

Typically there are two forms of drug and alcohol detox – medical and non-medical. It is often suggested that those seeking help with drug detoxification follow the medically managed approach.

Medical Detoxification – The Recommended Approach

With medically managed drug detoxification, a doctor will evaluate the individual and use specific medications to help ease the pain and symptoms of their withdrawal. The doctor will develop a particular plan of action specifically tailored to the patient bearing in mind their substance abuse history. The ultimate goal of this type of detoxification is to help the patient get through the withdrawal process as comfortable as possible while preventing them from developing any kind of dependence on the drugs that they are being administered. Detoxification varies in length, and the doctor will make the necessary adjustments to this process in order to make it as comfortable and quick as possible. Medically managed detoxification is the favored choice and considered to be the most effective form.

Non-medical detoxification

With non-medical detox, the patient is not supervised a physician. With this form of detoxification the patient is merely observed while they endure the withdrawal process. The idea behind this kind of detoxification is that the physical and emotional discomfort that comes with withdrawal will help the individual lessen their desire for drugs. However this method is not considered to be effective for anyone who has become physically addicted to drugs which is why it is crucial to find a reliable and effective drug detoxification center.

How can I find the right alcohol and drug detox center?

Pacific Treatment Services has developed solutions that are personalized for the needs of the individual which will help benefit you in finding a drug detox solution. Though there are many options we want to make sure that you are able to find one that is not only affordable but also safe and effective. We have the knowledge and experience to help assist you in not only detoxification but rehabilitation, addiction treatment and aftercare. Please call us at (866) 713-2334 to help enroll your loved one in aftercare in order to prevent relapse and facilitate recovery.

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