Intensive Outpatient Program

PageImages_636Alcohol and Drug Intensive Outpatient Programs provide treatment options for adolescents, adults, and their families. Typically this is done through a program of individual counseling, family and group sessions as well as therapy. Outpatient programs are typically in hospitals and do not require any type of inpatient care.

Most outpatient programs provide a great introduction to addiction and alcoholism treatment for the patient and their family. They allow the patient to progress with occupational and social activities while still being able to attend treatment. Many outpatient programs have plans that are specifically designed for particular age groups and genders.

In most cases intensive outpatient programs provide a foundation for a patient’s road to recovery. Pacific Treatment Services provide a variety of options in terms of outpatient programs; please give us a call to learn more about the services we can provide. We are a substance abuse and behavioral counseling company that has been working with teens and young adults in the San Diego area for more than ten years. We are committed to changing the lives of those in crises. Pacific Treatment Services, working alongside several San Diego school districts, courts, and residential programs,  offers a variety of different ways to meet the needs of the community. Our goal is the care of your loved ones. When deciding what program or counseling service to use, we encourage you to attend  our weekly group to see why we are the best.

How it works…

The intent of our IOP is to provide comprehensive prevention treatment for adolescents ages 12-19 with alcohol and/or drug dependence in a cost effective outpatient modality. The program will integrate family therapy, chemical dependency (CD) education and process group to assist the client and family in creating significant change, abstinence and recovery. Emphasis will be placed on coping skills, self-esteem building, aftercare, age appropriate goals and a healthy and sober lifestyle.

Our IOP program focuses on stabilizing both behavioral and substance use problems, and offers teenagers and their family’s ongoing aftercare services to help maintain positive change in their lives. The program meets three days per week for 12 weeks. Prior to admission to the IOP, client and family will have an initial assessment/evaluation for program appropriateness. The approach to IOP is eclectic including CD education and lecture, film, process therapy, workbook material, AA/NA 12 Step orientation, multi-family group, and one-to-one counseling with each client. Program participation is completely confidential.

Our program is set up in a way that clients may start at any time in the program cycle. Each IOP client is given an extensive workbook with daily schedules. We work with your child to set up healthy activities daily taking that stress off of the parents. After each session, you will be able to see what your child should be doing each day and, more importantly, what they should NOT be doing. We believe that treatment is a family process and that you should be updated on your child’s progress.

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