Drug and Alcohol Intervention


PTS_Intervention1An Intervention is meant to help what may appear to be a hopeless addict or alcoholic realize just what they have been doing with their lives because of their problem with drugs and alcohol. An intervention is meant to be a restorative process put on by family and friends to help their loved one get help and realize for themselves that they are indeed in need of it as well. The best possible outcome of any given intervention is that the individual will realize his or her unhealthy lifestyle and that they will need the help of these people to get better whether it is through a 12 step program, inpatient or outpatient treatment or some form of rehabilitation.

When is an intervention the appropriate solution?  Is it necessary?

It is always exceedingly crucial that those who wish to put on an intervention for someone they know realize that it can be missed if it is not orchestrated in a proper and fitting way. This is why it is recommended that they find help from intervention professionals who can help them through this process. If done incorrectly, an intervention can actually trigger a loved one to isolate and close off those who are trying to help them which will, in turn, hold them back from accepting it. On the other hand, if done correctly, an effective intervention will help the addict come to terms with their problem and the behaviors they engage in and they will see the intervention as a chance to change their lives rather than a show of hostility.

Typically alcoholics and drug addicts are not able to see their own self destructive behaviors and see the situation they have put themselves in. They are in complete denial of all of the mental and physical problems that they have subjected themselves to be it driving under the influence, financial issues or severed relationships. More often than not they will place the blame on anyone other than themselves. Despite this, the use of an intervention can help remove the blinders they have put on and help adjust their perception back to what is really going on in their lives. Only once this has happened will the individual be more willing to accept the helping hand that has been offered and seek treatment.

What happens after the intervention?

If an individual decides to accept the help given to them through the intervention, they should be willing to enter some kind of drug treatment program, sober living or rehabilitation center depending on just how far their addiction has taken them. A course of action immediately following the intervention is very important to their recovery. Typically an interventionist professional will help you and your family come up with a positive treatment plan that is meant for the specific individual and most, if not all, of the arrangements will have been made prior to the intervention so that what follows is simply assisting their loved one take the first step on the road to recovery.

What happens if the intervention isn’t successful?

Just because an intervention does not end with the individual accepting treatment, it does not mean that the process was entirely unsuccessful. Traditionally speaking, all of the friends and family involved in the intervention will have stated that they are no longer going to support the negative behaviors of the individual and that, when the individual is ready, they will be willing to extend their help. It is also important for those involved that they continue to be encouraged to hold their ground when it comes to dealing with their loved one. Ultimately the intervention will have, at the very least, given the addict an idea of help that may come to fruition in the future. They will know that it will be there for them when they are ready and that their loved ones will be willing to still provide it.

Where do I go for help? Where can I find an interventionist?

Pacific Treatment Services has the ability to link you with experienced interventionists who will be able to help you put together and successfully demonstrate an intervention. Our goal is to aid you in finding the right interventionist who will create a effectual plan of action that is geared with your loved one in mind. We are aware of the difficulties when dealing with an addict and we want to help make it as easy as possible to help all of those involved attain a healthy living. Please call Pacific Treatment Services at (866) 713-2334 if you have any questions or concerns involving interventions or other forms of treatment and recovery.