San Diego Outpatient Program

Pacific Treatment Services has been serving San Diego County with outpatient services for over a decade. A knowledgeable and caring staff dedicated to helping families in crisis runs the outpatient program. Pacific Treatment Services is one of the first San Diego Outpatient programs specifically geared towards adolescents and teenagers. The comprehensive outpatient program is designed to educate and structure adolescents and teenagers with the understanding behind substance abuse.

These days, experimentation with alcohol and drugs during adolescence is common. Unfortunately, some teens don’t see the connection with how their actions today may impact their consequences tomorrow. Teens have a tendency to feel immune to problems and issues that others have experienced. While some kids may experiment and stop, others may develop a dependency moving on to other substances and increasing dangerous behaviors. This can develop into a serious problem if not addressed.  Our San Diego Outpatient program helps teens understand how their lifestyles and behaviors have been fueled through chemical dependency.

outpatientPTSOur San Diego Outpatient program encourages parents to help their children from using drugs or alcohol by talking to them openly about substance abuse. Open lines of communication, responsible behavior and role modeling can be helpful and effective.

Teen drug use can be associated with a variety of negative consequences. This includes, poor school performance, poor judgment, aggressive behavior at home, violence, unsafe and unplanned sex, and dishonest behaviors.

Pacific Treatment Services understands that these types of behaviors cannot change over night. The San Diego Outpatient program includes multiple meetings weekly with adolescents and teens in individual and group sessions. Through the duration of the Outpatient program, teens are given the tools, resources and accountability to change their behaviors and stop alcohol and chemical dependency.

For more information on our San Diego Outpatient Program for adolescents and teens, contact Pacific Treatment Services today.