What People Have to Say About Pacific Treatment Services

We take pride in delivering world-class service to all of our customers.  Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

“Over the past year, it has been my pleasure to work with Will Wooton on a program called “What I wish My Parents Knew.” This parent forum focuses on the most challenging issues facing young people today, and Will has been the force behind our workshop on Drugs and Alcohol. Mr. Wooton has been kind enough to donate many hours of his own time to this community endeavor, and I have been especially impressed with the message that he communicates to our adults. Although he knows a great deal, he is anything but a “know it all.” Instead, Will is a master of communication, getting adults involved in the discussion about their children.

And although Mr. Wooton does not profess to know everything, all of us are so impressed with his range of knowledge about drugs and alcohol and their impact on our teen-agers. He has been well received at each of our workshops, and as an educator for 37 years, I can honestly say that Will is making a real difference in Poway and surrounding communities.”

Scott Fisher

I have known Will Wooton for two years. He was an invaluable partner in creating, publicizing and hosting a Town Hall meeting in Poway where over 300 adults and adolescents gathered to frankly discuss the area’s growing drug problem. That single event catalyzed efforts to confront substance abuse in Poway. In fact, one of the single most important outcomes of that meeting was the creation of a series of group counseling sessions that Will volunteered to lead. Those sessions continue today. The impact of his years of service to our teens, families, schools and community can never be fully measured . . . but I have no doubt, thanks to Will, lives and families have been saved.

Steve Vaus Poway City Council

We had no idea our son had begun using drugs in middle school.  It wasn’t until he was caught in high school that we knew there was a problem.  He’d never done well in or enjoyed school, only had a few friends, and we thought being on the football and wrestling teams would help with that.  Sadly, it became an avenue for furthering his drug use and expanding his network of users and dealers.  He was the first one offered the opportunity to stay at RBHS under the new “Stay Put” program but he chose to change to MCHS in hopes of being able to make new friends.  While it only took days for him to find the users there, little did we know this move would ultimately save his life.  It was there we learned of a Family Support Group held each Thursday night on campus where kids and families are referred who are struggling with drug or behavioral issues.  We placed him in PTS’ outpatient program as our family was in turmoil and his using was out of control.  The support of other families going through the same thing was invaluable and we learned that parenting a drug addict takes different approaches.  While we never thought we’d ever experience having our child shoplift, run away, sneak out, be kicked out, steal from us, and ultimately have to file charges against him and have him arrested, we did.  It was when he introduced his very young sister into the world of drugs that we knew a huge change had to happen.  In an attempt to save both of their lives, he was taken to a residential recovery home in the Los Angeles area and she began weekly treatment with PTS.   Today we are grateful to have our children sober and living a full life.  As a parent of children with this disease, you learn to truly live “one day at a time” and be grateful for each day of their sobriety.  We remain an active part of this support group in an effort to help other families going through the same situations and bring awareness to this growing problem.

Cindy O.

I first noticed my son was starting to do poorly in school in the 7th grade.  With an attitude and change in his friends my husband and I were concerned that something was wrong.  We took our son to three therapists and two psychiatrists over the course of the next two years for help.  I felt lost and hopeless; like we were the only family that had these types of issues going on.  My son was becoming worse every year and had, at the age of 16, given up at school and was falling every class and skipping school a few days a week.  We asked the school for help.  They directed us to PTS.  With the help of their staff we, as a family, were able to make such progress in a few months that now my son is attending school every day and on track to graduate on time.  I am so thankful to have found Pacific Treatment Services as it has truly changed my life.

Donna G.

As a single father of three girls it has been a very long road for me.  After the passing of my wife in 2004 my oldest daughter started acting out.  She was very angry and would not discuss her feelings with me.  We started counseling to address her feelings.  She would not go and, when she did, the counselor could not get her to open up.  She started sneaking out at night and drinking on a weekly basis.  She started telling me I was crazy and was trying to destroy her life.  I worried that she was running around with older boys and that she was going to end up hurt or dead. She started telling me she was on Crank and would not stop.  I did not even know what that was until I came to a PTS group.  With the help of the group leader and the other families I was able to arrange an intervention and a long term care facility to help my girl.   A wonderful support system for families, I highly recommend PTS to any family in crises.

John H.

I am a 19 year old alcoholic.  I have been sober now for 26 months.  I started going to see Will when I was 14.  I hated him and what he told my parents to do.  I was able to convince my parents that I would be good and did not need to go to group anymore. I would be good for a few weeks and they would be so happy I would not have to go anymore.  Every time I had no desire to stop just get them off my back.  I hated Will because he called me on my stuff and did not buy into my crap.  He was the first counselor that ever was real and direct with me.  He challenged me in ways that at the time was hell and, as I look back, the best for me.  I finally was arrested for selling drugs; something that Will told me would happen.  Even after not seeing me for almost a year he came and helped get me out of jail and worked with my probation officer to let me come home.  I only wish that I had listened to him when I was young.  Now I have started college and want to be a counselor and help kids like me.  I still check in with Will when I can and am so grateful to have him as a support system.

Ryan S.

I first started coming to one of Will’s group in 2006.  My son would not go with me and said I was being brain washed and wasting my money.  Looking back I believe I was getting a first rate education in parenting.  I tried for so many years just to have my son be the good little boy I knew when he was little.  Every year I kept lowering the bar until I just hoped he would finish high school. He was running around with such low life friends that I knew in my heart that he would not make it.  I was too scared to have him on the streets that I let him drink and smoke pot at home as long as he stayed in.  Within one week of our new agreement I came home to my son and ten friends getting high in my living room.  I spent the whole night in tears asking how I had let it come to this.  The next day I called Will and made an appointment to see him later that week.  My son started his IOP group the next weekend. He was very restraint in the beginning but, over the course of ten weeks, he was able to get off drugs.  He is now attending a home schooling program and finishing high school and working part time.  I am so happy with the services and help that Will has given me and my son.

Laura C.